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Mrs. Jacqueline Thomas

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About St. Barbara's New Principal, Mrs. Jacqueline Thomas

St. Barbara’s Parish is pleased to announce that it has hired a new principal, Jacqueline Thomas. Mrs. Thomas has been in administration for 19 years serving as a Principal, Director of Student Services, and Superintendent. The scope of this position attracted her because of her past experience as an Associate Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston.

While Associate Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Mrs. Thomas implemented a Response to Intervention (RTI) program for the 62 Catholic schools in diocese. The model was utilized for dioceses across the state to assist them in serving special needs students. She also worked with Catholic schools that had low enrollment and implemented turnaround efforts to attract students.  One such school, Our Lady of Fatima, was a huge success and is still open today. 

Mrs. Thomas is a consultant for several public, private, and charter schools throughout state.  She specializes in developing behavioral programs for emotionally handicapped students. Mrs. Thomas is a life-long Catholic who attended St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School as a child. 

Mrs. Thomas welcomes all to schedule a tour and attend year-round events and programs offered at the campus. 

Please call or send an email for more information about St. Barbara's tuition assistance, scholarships and other learning opportunities.