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Instructing a Science Class

Faculty & Staff

All Holy Cross Academy campuses are accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. All teachers are licensed through Ohio Department of Education.

Grade   Teacher Name   Email Address
Principal   Jacqueline Thomas   stbarbaraelem@youngstowndiocese.org
Office Administrator   Lisa Spinden   stbarbaraelem@youngstowndiocese.org

Preschool 3

   Connie Carbone  


Preschool 4   Kelsey Williams   kwilliams@saintbarbaraparish.org
Preschool Aid    Linda Pudloski    
Kindergarten   Ashley Cross   across@youngstowndiocese.org
First   Ashley Gordon    agordon@youngstowndiocese.org
Second   Abbie Geiger    
Third    Tammy Berg    


Fifth, Sixth

Seventh, Eighth


Liz Hendricks

Sue Triner

Sarah Knight





Religion   Amy Davis   adavis@youngstowndiocese.org
Art   Connie Carbone  



Elizabeth Balizet



School Policy for Background checks for teaching and non-teaching volunteers and volunteers with direct contact with students can be read here.